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what's the iPredikt widget?
Our widget control lets you display prediktions from on other websites.
You can select:
  • a single prediktion
  • a list of prediktions
  • all prediktions from a single user
Anyone who sees the widget can vote on the prediktion, whether that user is registered with our site or not.
what does it look like?
Here's a widget sample from our site shown in the 300 x 250 pixel layout. We support several different sizes & border styles.
We have 2 flavors of the widget: a full-featured IFRAME widget (shown below) and a simple image widget.
loading from iPredikt...
who is it for?
The widget is for anyone who wants to share or vote on prediktions on the Internet:
  • users on forums
  • bloggers
  • website owners
If you're a blogger and are making predictions in your blog, you can use our widget to let your readers vote on those predictions.
Or, you can spice up your website and increase user engagement by displaying prediktions from
how to use the widget
  1. find a prediktion you like, or create your own
  2. click on the <embed> link
  3. define the widget's layout
  4. copy the widget code
  5. paste it into a blog, forum, or website