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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is iPredikt?
iPredikt is a predictions-based social media website where you can easily make and vote on great predictions in lots of different categories, speak your mind and prove you were right. Over time, you'll gain Street Credibility and bragging rights. You may even attract a huge following! We have a website for users, and a widget control for website owners, bloggers, and people who like to hang out on forums.
Vote early and vote often! Your votes determine your score on iPredikt. Have fun!
What is a prediktion?
A prediktion is a statement or assertion that you make about the future. It should contain only one expected outcome, and other users should be able to answer "Yes" or "No" when asked if they agree with your prediktion.
Try to make your prediktion measurable, so that it is easy to prove whether you were right or wrong. Prediktions that contain hateful speech, sexually explicit content or personal attacks will be deleted by our moderators.
Do I need to login to to vote?
No, anyone who visits the site can vote on prediktions whether they're registered with or not. However, if you register, you'll be able to use all features of the site, including making your own prediktions, leaving comments, and setting your username and avatar.
Do I need to login to make a prediktion or leave a comment?
Yes, you need to create an account or login via Facebook to make prediktions and leave comments. This is important so we can accurately protect registered users from spam.
How do I make a prediktion?
First, you need to login to make a prediktion. Then click on the big orange button at the top that says "add new". Follow the steps in the wizard to fill in the required fields and preview your post. If you like what your see click publish and you're done!
You can also include a category, add details, and associate your prediktion with a thumbnail image. In fact, adding these optional pieces of data (especially the thumbnail image) will make your prediktion much more interesting and relevant.
Can I edit a prediktion once I post it?
Yes and no. You can change the category, pick an earlier due date, or change the picture. However, you can only edit the title of your prediktion if other users have not already voted on it. The reason for this restriction is that you could easily change the intended outcome of a prediktion simply by editing the title.
For example, you could say initially:

"The US will build a new fleet of space shuttles."

...and then change this to...

"The US will not build a new fleet of space shuttles."
Moderators have the ability to modify titles whether a prediktion has votes or not, but in general they will only do so to correct obvious misspellings and grammatical errors.
Can I delete my prediktion?
Currently, you cannot delete your prediktion. In the future, you'll be able to delete a prediktion as long as no one has voted on it.
Who sets the outcome for a prediktion?
The owner of a prediktion, a moderator or the community at large can set the outcome for a prediktion. As soon as the owner knows the outcome, he or she should close the prediktion as either correct or incorrect. The community can lodge a protest if they think the owner of the prediktion set the outcome incorrectly. If the owner fails to close his or her prediktion, either a moderator will close it or the community of users on the site will determine the outcome by voting on whether they think the prediktion occured.
What does my iPredikt score mean?
Your score on is a lifetime score that's in the range of 0 to 999. It reflects how accurately you make and vote on prediktions on the site over time.
  • The earlier you make your prediktion and the more users who vote on your prediktion, the higher your score becomes.
  • You also get a bonus for voting against the majority.
  • Your score will change based on the number of users and prediktions on the site as well. So if you stay idle for a long period of time your score will slowly decay because during that time more users will have joined the site and there will be more prediktions being voted on.
How do I improve my score on iPredikt?
Make provocative and controversial prediktions and vote as often as you can! Invite your friends to vote on your prediktions!
As we like to say, "Vote early, vote often!" This isn't just the mantra for Chicago politicians, it's how you increase your score on!
How can I share my prediktions with friends?
You can share your prediktions with friends via our social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter. Or you can invite your friends to vote via e–mail.
You can also do this for any prediktion on the site that you think is interesting, not just your own prediktions.
What is the iPredikt widget?
The iPredikt widget is a simple control that lets anyone share prediktions from on other sites or blogs.
Our widget is similar to the control for embedding videos. To use the widget, you find a prediktion on the site that you think is interesting, click on the <embed> link, and set properties for the widget (size, border style, and so on). Our widget configuration page will then generate code that you can embed.
You can choose between a full-featured IFRAME widget that lets anonymous users vote on the prediktion or a simple image-based wiget for sites like that don't support embedded IFRAMES.
You can learn more about the widget here:
What are user accounts that start with "v-" ?
User accounts that start with "v-" are virtual accounts. We also call them "vee-dash" accounts. A "v-" account is a virtual account that is attributed to someone, usually someone famous or who is in the news.
For example, there is an account on the site used to track the prediktions of President Barack Obama. The name of that account is: v-Barack.Obama
Here are some examples of other "v-" accounts:
  • v-Mitt.Romney
  • v-Rush.Limbaugh
  • v-Arianna.Huffington
  • v-Glen.Beck
  • v-Lady.Gaga
  • v-Justin.Bieber
  • v-Colin.Cowherd
  • v-Skip.Bayless
How do I search for users
To search for a user, just type the '@' sign in the seach box followed by 2 or more characters. The characters you're searching for can appear anywhere in the username.
For example to search for users that have "Zappa" in their name, you can type:
  • @zappa
  • @Frank.Zappa
  • @zap
If you type "paris" in the search box, it means that you want to find all prediktions that have the exact string "paris" somewhere in the title.
If you type "@paris" in the search box, it means that you want to find all users whose name includes the letters "paris" anywhere in the username.
How do I search for prediktions?
Enter a keyword in the search box or look for a prediktion based on a category. Currently, the search term must be an *exact* match. In the future, we plan to have a richer search model that will let you search based on patterns and word fragments.
What is an anonymous user?
Essentially, an anonymous user is an unregistered user. Anonymous users are users who are voting on the site but who haven't formally registered with the site by providing a username, e-mail address, and password or by logging in via Facebook.
At we've tried to make it easy for anyone to vote on prediktions. Other than visiting the site or viewing a widget, there are basically no other barriers to voting. But, as noted above, there are a lot of benefits to registering, like: crafting a complete virtual personality with a "face" and "name"; and the ability to make your own prediktions, leave comments, follow and be followed by other users on the site.
How do I follow someone on iPredikt?
If you find a user who makes interesting prediktions, you can follow that user by going to his or her User page and clicking the "Follow" button.
Are there follow limits?
No, you can follow as many users as you want.
Who reads my prediktions, votes and comments?
Your prediktions, votes and comments are open to the general public. Everyone on the Internet can read them.