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Our Vision
iPredikt’s vision is to become the Internet's hub for sharing and voting on predictions.
The Problem
Every day thousands of people make great predictions about sports, financial markets, technology, entertainment, and politics. But they don’t have a venue to let the world know about their expertise or to compete head-to-head with other prognosticators and armchair quarterbacks.
Moreover, thousands of articles appear on the Internet where columnists and writers regularly make predictions, but their statements are often available only to a small circle of followers. There’s also no easy way for writers and bloggers to build a following based on their predictions or track whether their predictions were right.
The Solution
iPredikt solves these problems with a website for sharing predictions combined with a widget that lets bloggers, writers, and media personalities directly connect with users by asking them to vote on the predictions they're already making on their sites.
Our tools let users embed an easy-to-use widget on other sites. Our offerings leverage simple gamification elements and a site-wide prediction score that shows how accurately everyone on the site makes and votes on predictions.
iPredikt's co-founders have worked together for almost 12 years.
Ken Stanfield, CEO & Co-Founder
Ken has a BA in Central & Eastern European Studies (1986) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He moved to Seattle in 1987, and in 1990 he moved again to Eastern Europe after the Berlin Wall came down, living in East Berlin & Budapest for 3 years. He worked for Western banks and the United Nations.
He started working for Microsoft in 1995 as a Program Manager. Between 1998 and late 2010 he worked as a Developer at Microsoft when he left the corporate world to pursue his own startup ideas.
Archil Kublashvili, President & Co-Founder
Archil has a BA from Tbilisi State University in the former Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1994, Archil came to the US as a scholar in the Edmund Muskie Fellowship Program. He has a double Masters from the University of Missouri at Columbia in Economics (1996) and Computer Science (1999).
Archil started working for Microsoft in 1999 as a Developer and left Microsoft in early 2011 to pursue his own startup ideas.
How To Contact Us
To contact the site you can write to us at the following address:
iPredikt, Inc.
3663 248th Place SE
Issaquah, WA 98029
Or, send e-mail to the address below:
Bug Reporting
You can report bugs by sending e-mail to the address below.
  • Tell us what you were doing when you found the bug
  • Describe repro steps so we can re-create the bug and fix it
Feature Requests
You can make feature requests by sending e-mail to the address below.
  • Tell us what's missing from the site or widget
  • Tell us if something is confusing or hard to use
  • Tell us what you hate or like about the site or widget
No Internet startup can get off the ground without the support of lots of friends and family.
Spouses & Families
Thanks for all your sacrifices and for standing behind us.
Technical Advisors
Ladi Molnar provided valuable advice and assistance early on in the database phase, and Mike Christensen (CEO of has been a source of great insights throughout the development phase. Special thanks to our designer friends for all your UI suggestions.
Alpha and Beta Testers and Assorted Friends
Thanks to all of our early adopters and those of you willing to do informal usability tests & alpha testing including: Steve Horris, Colin Chapman, Khatuna Kublashvili, Zsuzsa Stanfield, Mohammad Al-Abdullah, Kiki Stanfield, Massimo Boscolo & Ben Poland among many others.
Here are some of the technologies and platforms we've used to build the iPredikt site.
The Cloud & Back End
  • Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services
  • Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Microsoft ASP.NET & C#
The iPredikt API
  • AJAX-based PageMethods & WebMethods
  • Internal RESTful APIs
  • JSON
Client-Side Technologies
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Dynamic HTML
  • CSS
Source & Version Control
Testing Infrastructures
Bug Tracking System
Real-Time Web Analytics
JavaScript & CSS Minification and Aggregation Tool
  • Chirpy (mash & minify js files, JS Lint, CSS.less)
jQuery Libraries
  • jQuery 1.7.2
  • jQuery Cookies
  • jQuery Example
  • jQuery Facebox
  • jQuery Impromptu
  • jQuery Metadata
  • jQuery NumberFormatter
  • jQuery Offset
  • jQuery ScrollTo
  • jQuery SimpleCache
  • jQuery Tools
  • jQuery Url
  • jQuery Watermark
  • jQuery JSON2
JavaScript & JSON Pretty Formatting Tool
  • Pretty Diff (format and indent JavaScript, JSON, and HTML files)
.NET Screen Capture Library